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Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat

Our Writing & Oral teacher, Pilar Pando, asked us to write a letter about Write a letter about the story ”Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat” were i had to pretend to be Miss Pulteney to her best friend, explaining how she was given the mink coat.

Dear Lucy,
I am writing this letter so we can catch up! Remember that I told you I was having an affair with my boss, well you can’t believe what happened yesterday.
He invited me to dinner in a really fancy restaurant. So I went in a pink dress, with my most expensive perfume and put on my make up. I was fashionably late and when I got there he was waiting for me with flowers and a present.
I was so surprised, before he used to only bring chocolate, wine or small gifts like that. When I opened it though, it as the most beautiful mink coat I had ever seen. It looked really expensive and elegant. After that we kissed and talked all night, it was the best dinner I have ever had.
I hope to see you soon to say all details.
Best wishes,
Miss Pulteney.

Idyllic vacations

Our language teacher, Laura Segato, asked us to answer the following question:
If you has had the chance to go some place else on your last holidays, where would you’ve gone and why?

I would have gone to the same place that I went to. On my last holidays I went to Russia, Italy, Sweden and some small cities. The reason why I wouldn’t go anywhere else is that I enjoyed this trip a lot; it was actually one of my favorite trips. Russia was splendid, colorful and idyllic; I was fascinated by its beauty. When I returned to Rome it felt like going back to your home. It had a clear sky and it was a gorgeous view. It was so green, full of fertile plants and beautiful flowers, it kind of felt like complete wilderness in some places.  Some of the fun activities we did were: go into a very shallow pool, trip through the touristic areas, wriggle and swirl on the dance floor, etc. Though normally, we would trudge back to the amazing cruise that we went to. After this trip I realized how similar and different these places are. They all have overcast, antique churches; great summer weather. Although they all have different drifts. I think that the landscapes that I saw where vivid, eye-catching and appealing. The places I have been to last holidays you can’t replace with pictures, they were one of my favorite places to go. It made m e look at things so much more diversely, the places where wonderful, but what made me fall in love with hem was their history behind it.

Ways of walking vocabulary

Our language teacher, Laura Segato, asked us to do an activity with new vocabulary.

Ways of walking vocabulary

Limp: The old car limped along.

Pace: To walk at a brisk pace of five miles an hour.

Shuffle: To shuffle into one’s clothes.

Stagger: After staggering momentarily, he recognized that he had to make a decision.

Stride: To stride across a puddle.

Strut: After I won the award I strutted through the red carpet with my Grammy.

Stumble: To stumble down a dark passage.

Lurch: The wounded man lurched across the room.

Parade: International pressures those parades as foreign aid.

Ramble: They rambled through the shops until closing time.

Stalk: He was so angry he stalked away without saying goodbye.

Stroll: To stroll along the beach.

Trudge: To trudge up a long flight of steps.

Wade: The children were wading in the pool most of the afternoon.

Wander:  He wandered the streets.

Creep: We crept up and peeked over the wall.

March: The band players marched through the parade

Crawl: Don’t come crawling back to me asking for favors.

Slide: To slide down a snow-covered hill.

Rush: They rushed the work to make the deadline.

Frogmarch: I frogmarched to the detention room.

Hike: My husband and I hike a hill every Friday morning.

Scramble: He scrambled everyone out of the burning building.

This is the exercise I created, it is a crossword!