Archivo por meses: noviembre 2015

Writitng – Patagonia’s Nature

Our langueage teacher, Pilar Pando, asked us to write a descriptive piece in which we would protagonise nature. It had to be about a place in Argentina, so I chose Tierra del Fuego.

We had come across to the most wonderful view our eyes had ever met. It had only been one day since we had arrived and already we had fallen in love with Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. As most turists, especially in such an isolated zone were mankind is only seen in small towns, we had become lost. At first, desperation strook us but that was quickly replaced with amazement.

We observed the fox move slowly but surely, questing through the snow. Our eyes acted as mirrors, as every move the fox did, our eyes reflected upon. This creature, marvellously beautiful, made us appreciate this moment so dearly. The redish, soft fur  was the perfect endearing cover, but we knew that this animal was more sly than sweet. As it run away, in what seemed like a fraction of a second, we were left wondering what was going to be of our live now.

We sat down and were able to notice the roughness and icyness of bright white snow. The weather proved to be a challenge, as we were not accustomed to such severe coldness.  Our cheeks flushed, our noses running and our bodies eager to explore. We were surrounded with monumental pine trees, all scattered next to each other. Although we were in the middle of the woods we were able to find an opening to the purest, most breathtaking and calming lake. Who could have thought that in such unordinary and extreme-like conditions, we would find comfort and relaxation. The silence was so evident that it made the smallest sounds, like the houling wind and the crackling fall leaves, be heard as we strolled along. The sun was setting and the sky was every color but blue.  It was an exhibition of the art of nature, the one we could not help but to be mesmerized at.