These are the Times We Live in: Questions

Our Literature teacher, Ceci Lasa, has asked us to work in groups in order to read and analyze a poem.  I worked with Delfina Nicora, Tomas Borda and Agostina Alday. Our poem is «These are the Times We Live in,» by Imtiaz Dharker and these are 6 questions that we created based on the poem.

  1. How do you think the writer’s personal life is related to the poem?
  2. What do you think she is trying to convey when she says «You shrink to the size»?
  3. What effect does the literary devices provoke on the reader? Include examples.
  4. How does the use of the second person narrator and using ‘it’ to describe the voice help set a tone and atmosphere?
  5. How is the title related to the significance of the poem?
  6. What are some indentifiable direct and indirect denounces to society in the poem?

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